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BumperDoc’s highly skilled professionals provide you with the high quality window tinting services at a competitive price.


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Window tinting lets you create customized appearance of your vehicle. But more than that, tinting helps preserve your vehicle’s interior by preventing the sun from fading dashboards, upholstery and other interior materials. BumperDoc installs high quality window tinting film that not only enhances the look of your vehicle, but also protects it.

Window tint offers three layers of protection. First, it can block over 99% of UVA+B rays. Tinting can also reduce glare by nearly 80%, creating a safer driving environment in strong sun, snow or rear headlight glare. And finally, tinting cools the interior of your vehicle, easing the burden on your AC and creating a more comfortable ride for you.

Shatter Resistant

Window tint provides additional support to the window’s glass—holding shattered glass together upon impact with an object or in the unfortunate case of an accident. With a quick, easy installation you can increase the overall safety of your vehicle and protect your passengers if anything unexpected occurs on the road.

Let’s Talk About Protecting You and Your Vehicle

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Auto Window Tint Shop BumperDoc Window Tinting

BumperDoc Auto Window Tinting

Auto Window Tinting

Protect your car’s interior and you and your loved ones from the damaging effects of the sun.

BUMPERDOC’s skilled window tinting professionals give you the best value for your money, satisfaction guaranteed! We use the highest quality materials and we make sure your job is done right the first time.

Window Tinting Offers UV Rejection

Automotive window films can block over 99% of UVA+B rays, protecting both the interior of your vehicle and you as you drive.

Window Tinting Offers Glare Control

Window tint can reduce glare by as much as 80%, creating a much safer driving environment in strong sun, snow or rear headlight glare.

There are several great reasons to tint your windows at BUMPERDOC

  • Window tint reduces the amount of heat entering your vehicle – significantly reducing interior temperature.
  • Protection from harmful UV rays.
  • Fading damage from the sun’s intense rays is reduced.
  • Increased safety and comfort from reduced glare and temperature.
  • Enhanced vehicle appearance.
  • Protection of your investment.
  • Increased ease of use of GPS navigation equipment.

Since our early beginnings, customers have experienced our fast, friendly and honest service. We pride ourselves on being 100% customer-focused—always working to deliver the best quality and price in auto body repair. That’s why more than half of our business comes from repeat or referral business. We’re proud to have earned the trust of customers who feel comfortable enough to come back and recommend us to their closest friends and family.

BumperDoc is a trusted leader in the auto body repair industry, providing fast, friendly and honest service to customers since 1998. Learn more about our history and why we’re the go-to auto body shop customers rave about.

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BumperDoc is a Green Business

Bumper Doc Bumper Repair is a green business. We are committed to preserving the natural resources on our planet—using innovative technology and repair methods to ensure the preservation of our environment. We reduce our carbon footprint and help protect the environment by repairing auto body damage instead of replacing parts.

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