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Looking to become an affiliate partner for bumper repairs? Look no further than BumperDoc in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and Jacksonville. Our top-notch services and expertise in bumper repair make us the perfect choice for any partner looking to expand their business. Join forces with us, and let’s take on the market together! 

 BumperDoc Express Bumper Repair in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville Affiliate Program Opportunities!

BumperDoc Bumper Repair in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville IS WAITING FOR A BumperDoc Ower!

Undoubtedly, Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville, Florida, has become one of the most influential and thriving economies in the United States. With a population of over 22 million, the state’s economy is booming across several sectors, including entertainment, education, healthcare, and the rapidly expanding automotive industry.


Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville auto bumper repair & collison repair industry is experiencing exceptional growth and is now one of the strongest in the country. With a diverse range of manufacturers and brands available in the state, the industry is undergoing significant advancements and trends that promise to shape its future.

Advanced Measurement Technologies

The automotive industry has witnessed remarkable growth and innovation in recent years, thanks to the introduction of new portable arms and portable CMMs that are now available for manufacturers and shop floor leaders. CMMs, also known as coordinate measuring machines, are designed to collect data points and measurements that ensure accuracy and efficiency in production.

Florida is at the forefront of this growth, with an increasing number of manufacturers looking to metrology suppliers to provide them with quality new or used CMMs that promise to streamline production and improve accuracy.

State-Wide Population Growth

Florida’s population growth is a direct contributor to its economic growth, providing over 23 billion dollars to its economy. Additionally, the state’s growing population has also contributed to the growth of the automotive industry.

The auto sector currently provides over 300,000 jobs, contributing billions in labor income, and selling millions of cars each year. This growth is unstoppable, and the industry is confident in its ability to continue to grow and evolve.

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BumperDoc Bumper Repair And Express Auto Body Shops

BumperDoc bumper repair can get your car back on the road faster, and you spend less.

We offer free, no-obligation bumper repair & auto body estimates.

BumperDoc has been a trusted leader in the auto body repair industry since 2002. We are known for providing fast, friendly, and honest customer service. Our business practices are sustainable, and we offer a lifetime warranty on paint repairs*. 

From the beginning, we have been committed to providing our customers with the best quality and price in auto body repair. We pride ourselves on being 100% customer-focused and delivering fast, friendly, and honest service. More than half of our business comes from repeat or referral business, which is a testament to our customers’ trust and confidence in us. We are proud to have earned their trust and loyalty and strive to continue providing excellent service that they can recommend to their friends and family.

Auto Body Shop Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville

Our knowledgeable technicians bring decades of combined experience in the auto body repair industry to repair collision damage to your vehicle – quickly and professionally.

Quick, Convenient Service
Customer Focused
Innovative Approach
Lifetime Warranty

Bumper Repair in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville

We are pioneers in the bumper repair industry – using innovative materials and methods to restore your bumper to its original state.

Save Time and Money
Quality Workmanship
Green Repair
Lifetime Warranty

Paintless Dent Repair Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville

Paintless Dent Removal provides an economical alternative to traditional auto body repair—often costing a third of the price. Saving time and money, PDR preserves your vehicle’s original paint finish, removing the need for expense of paint materials and labor.

Cost effective solution
Clean and environmentally friendly
Insurance friendly repair

Headlight Restoration Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville

BumperDoc’s innovative restoration process helps increase the value and safety of your vehicle by giving clarity and brightness

Fast, Professional Service
Quality Restoration
Increase Value and Safety of Your Vehicle

Auto Detailing Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville

BumperDoc revitalizes the interior and exterior of your vehicle using quality products and innovative methods.

High quality, environmentally friendly products
Meticulous workmanship
Affordable prices
À la carte detailing options

Wheel RepairOrlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville

Our aluminum and alloy wheel restoration process delivers the solution you are looking for when it comes to repairing your rims from curb scrapes, scratches, chips and pot holes.

Look Like New
Save Time and Money
Trusted Repair Service

bumperdoc bumper repair shop

Windshield Repair Orlando, Tampa Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Miami & Jacksonville

Our experienced technicians are able to seal chips and cracks quickly, before they lengthen or expand and require expensive replacement.

Quick, Convenient Service
Innovative Approach
Insurance Friendly

BumperDoc affiliate and licencing program available

BumperDoc is a Green Business

Bumper Doc Bumper Repair is a green business. We are committed to preserving the natural resources on our planet—using innovative technology and repair methods to ensure the preservation of our environment. We reduce our carbon footprint and help protect the environment by repairing auto body damage instead of replacing parts.

  1. Express Bumper Repair
  2. Recycling is a Priority
  3. State-of-the-Art Approach