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Insurance Claims Made Simple

BumperDoc is a trusted auto body repair service center that provides insurance claim assistance to customers who want to access their auto insurance benefits to complete repairs.

  • Simplified Process
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We Help Simplify the Insurance Process

When you’ve been in an accident or have unexpected damage to your vehicle, there is a lot on your mind. Trying to manage your insurance claim can be difficult, and BumperDoc is here to help simplify the process. We work directly with your insurance carrier to schedule and plan the best repair solution for your vehicle. That means you can rest knowing your vehicle will receive quality repair service and your insurance claim will be properly processed.

You Have a Choice

Your insurance company typically provides the names of repair shops that can service your vehicle, but you’re free to choose any licensed service provider. That means BumperDoc can be your preferred auto body repair shop even if we’re not on your insurance company’s list. We will negotiate repairs and costs on your behalf—offering your insurance company a competitive price for top quality repairs to your vehicle.

We Care About You

BumperDoc is committed to providing you with the highest quality repair service in the industry. When we work with your insurance company, we act as your advocate—working to restore your vehicle to the same condition it was in before damage occurred. We help you navigate the insurance claims process, with the ultimate goal to see you drive away with a safe, good-looking vehicle.

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