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Our aluminum and alloy wheel restoration process delivers the solution you are looking for when it comes to repairing your rims from curb scrapes, scratches, chips and pot holes.

  • Look Like New
  • Save Time and Money
  • Trusted Repair Service
  • Look Like New

Simple driving and parking can easily damage your expensive wheel rims – leaving scuffs, scrapes and other unsightly marks. BumperDoc can make that damage disappear with our innovative restoration techniques.

  • Save Time and Money
  • Accidental damage to your wheel rims can be a hassle, especially if you consider the cost to replace the entire part. When you choose us to repair your wheel rims, you’ll be back on the road faster and save the high cost of replacement.
  • Trusted Repair Service

BumperDoc’s skilled technicians repair your wheel rims using a similar technology used by high-end carmakers like Ferrari, Porsche and Mercedes. Leave the repair to us, and you can rest knowing that we will restore your wheel rims to their original finish.

Wheel & Rim Repair & Repainting

BumperDoc Auto Wheel Rim Repairs



Discover how BUMPERDOC’s high-quality wheel and rim restoration process can save you from the high cost of replacement!

We all know how easy it is to scratch and chip our vehicle’s rims in Colorado’s small parking spaces! Our aluminum and alloy wheel restoration process delivers the solution you are looking for when it comes to repairing your rims from curb scrapes, scratches, scuffs, chips and pit holes. Wheels are often damaged by potholes, curbs and auto accidents. Often these damaged wheels are used for scrap metal and new wheels are purchased and installed with significant expense. We can repair your damaged wheel for a fraction of the cost, and get you back on the street quickly! With skilled technicians using the latest, innovative technology, wheel and rim repair and restoration can be completed in less than a day, with your satisfaction guaranteed.

Techniques that are trusted by high end car makers such as: Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Lexus, to name a few.

With BUMPERDOC’s low-cost wheel rim repair service, we can repair curb damage, cracks, chips, scrapes, scuffs, pothole damage, and more.

BUMPERDOC processes provide:


Fixing curb scuffs, corrosion repairs, re-paint and color changes, brake dust marks

Factory color matching

Like new finish at a fraction of the cost of a new wheel

Fast turnaround times

Since our early beginnings, customers have experienced our fast, friendly and honest service. We pride ourselves on being 100% customer-focused—always working to deliver the best quality and price in auto body repair. That’s why more than half of our business comes from repeat or referral business. We’re proud to have earned the trust of customers who feel comfortable enough to come back and recommend us to their closest friends and family.

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